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Greater Glory

Greater Glory Project aims to provide independent empowerment to citizens whi would own farming businesses and companiesthat would provide direct and indirect employment to thousands of Bayelsa citizens.

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The Greater Glory Project


Welcome to:The prospects of Greater Glory Project aims to provide independent empowerement to citizens who would own thier own farming business and companies that would provide direct an indirect employment to Bayelsans.

The project aims to rebuild the economic life of the rural areas of Bayelsa state by equiping the farmers and anyone that has interest in agriculture and the business of agriculture with required skills to achieve desired output and also to esestablish farming companies that will operate in rural communities. This will boost and increase the economic activities of the rural communities.

Agroalala team will work closely with Bayelsa state government actualize the goals and to ensure that this initiative is a continuous process that will create cottage industries, enhance the local economy and raise the diversification of the nations economy and in Agriculture.